An athlete works themselves tirelessly to help their team win a game, only to come home to a staggering and discouraging amount of homework that’s due the next day. This scenario wasn’t uncommon to the estimated 7.6 million student athletes recorded nationwide in 2011 for the US; as a matter of fact, our very own 465 student athletes at PRHS have commonly felt this experience. A survey given to students here at PRHS revealed that 22%  of surveyees have participated in a high school sport. And of those, more than 74 %of them  reveal that they have had troubles managing their school duties with their sports. According to PRHS student, Kaden Gallant, “When I play football, the only thing on my mind is the dub and when I get home, I’m way too tired to even think about all the homework I need to do.” The majority of participants (195) believed that because of the toll PRHS sports takes on their lives, the school should help them out  The majority of survey takers said that because of the toll sports take on students, the school should do more to help out those that represent crimson and white. Students suggested everything from after school programs to flat out just giving athletes less homework. Although these responses were popular throughout the athlete community at Paso Robles High School, a small portion of the student body interviewed, 9% to be exact, had a polar opposite response.This group of 19 people believed that if a student decides to do a sport, it is their responsibility to keep up with the demanding high school workload. Robert Snipes is a member of this exclusive club and stated that, “Sports are a choice. If a student makes the choice to join a team, they also make the choice to give up personal time that can be used to do homework.”  to give up their personal time for their entertainment.” Whatever side students decide to take, sports have an obvious effect on student life at PRHS.

Impact of Sports on Bearcats

Have you played a sport at PRHS?

  1. A) Yes   22%  B)  No 78%           

How hard is it to balance your athletic and academic responsibilities?

  1. A) Borderline impossible  33%   B) Hard  41% C)Not that hard  17%  D)Easy   9%  

How understanding is your coach to your academic responsibilities?

  1. A) very 17%    B)moderately 58%    C) somewhat 21%     D) not at all 4%

How understanding are your teachers to your athletic responsibilities?

  1. very  15%   B)moderately  19% C) somewhat  40%   D) not at all   26%

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