Anime Club has recently been started again from last year on campus, and it only seems to be growing as the year goes on.

At Paso High, Anime Club is coming back stronger than ever, especially after returning in 2016 in Ms. Meyer’s room in 306. On Fridays at lunch, there are excited, participating members. Since the club is up and running once again with five members last year to 10 regular members and 15 people on occasion, it’s doubled. President of Anime Club this school year, 2017-2018, Liz Phillips says, “I hope they can see that anime is something that….Anime isn’t something that you should be ashamed of liking, like a lot of people think that anime fans are dumb, but we have like a whole community, and it’s like a culture in itself.”

It gives people a voice, a platform to share what they love to other people who have the same interests. As Phillips explains why Anime Club is special to her, she shares, “ I think the highlight is being able to find fans of anime that also watch…” Vice President and sophomore, Joyce Harry was sharing the club’s significance to her and she said, “ I want them to be able to have fun and to enjoy the content of anime, and to fully understand what the people who actually watch anime are like.” Sophomore, Jasmine Cozine, experiences the positive environment as she describes, “ Everyone gets to participate and learn more about the Japanese culture of their animated shows called anime.” Every week, members vote on the content online. Previously canceled, it’s started back up again this past school year. Since the club doesn’t have any funds, they hope to get some in the near future, but are also focused on their goal of expanding their club to new members.The overall purpose of Anime Club can be greatly explained by Phillips, as she states, “The purpose of the club is to just have a place for people to hang out who like the same things…”

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