A passionate and quirky fourteen year old, Anya Veach has begun to find that there is much more to any given moment than just what meets the eye. As she began her business, Million Moments photography, Anya hopes to capture the little things around, the simple joys, that may pass us by. Her love for finding this spirit in everything surrounding her has helped her evolve throughout her life.

Born in Eugene, Oregon, Anya was thrust into a family of artists and performers. She grew up with a strong love for music and creative writing. These interests were nourished when she was accepted into the Arts and Communications Magnet Academy for her sixth grade year in Portland, Oregon. She spent the next three years developing her strengths and discovering new passions. However, it wasn’t until she moved to the strange and sunny Paso Robles, California the summer before her freshman year of high school that she started to understand the importance in the joy around her.

Though the transition was very difficult as she left her beloved town behind, Anya took the opportunity to gain some optimism about her life. Soon, she took this new way of seeing things and applied it to a media with the hopes that she could help others view the same. There are small and joyous things all around, and Million Moments, Anya Veach’s photography company, will capture not only these visions, but the attention and hearts of all who want to see the same.

“It was a pleasure to work with Million Moments Photography. Their staff was excellent to be around.” – Tyler Seidel

“I greatly enjoyed working with this photographer and will definitely come back to her in the future.” – A happy customer


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