Ava Grace Brabenec is a hardworking, compassionate, and creative person. She loves to make people laugh and put a smile on there face. Some of her favorite things to do are, spend time with friends and family, go to the beach, relax, and play basketball. Her side hobbies are photography, crafting, and making funny videos. Ava loves being artistic with anything she does, especially when it comes to photography.

Ava is fond of taking portraits of people and pictures of nature. She likes to incorporate natural light into her photos while creating a simple aesthetic look. Though, she admires trying new and different styles now and then. “When I take photos I feel like the world has so much to offer. From people and nature to animals and the city. I just want to capture all the beauty.”

Are you in need of a photographer who fulfills the above? If so Ava Grace is your girl. She’s always happy to help and will adjust with timing, schedules, and different picture styles. The next time you have an event or maybe you just want some fun pictures taken of you and a friend, contact Ava Grace Photography at avabrabenec@gmail.com.


Ava Brabenec is an efficient and thoughtful girl. She is always willing to help and will get the job done.” – Joe Nelson

Miss Brabenec is a marvelous photographer to work with! She always made sure I adored the pictures. She has some superb ideas that help make her pictures look phenomenal. I would absolutely love to work with her again. She is a lovely person and her prices are very reasonable. I am completely delighted!

-Cheyanne Holliday


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