Avid is also a way of passage for students in high school that connects students and creates bonds that last a lifetime

“ It gives me a great opportunity to go to college and connect closer to my friends” – Sebastian Mariscal.

This club gives students an outlet to refine their knowledge and push the students abilities to prepare them not only for college but for the rigorous workload that is life.It’s a great place to do work for all my classes and keep my grades up especially because it’s given me a huge perspective on what’s needed for college – Anthony Garcia.It’s not only just training for college and life it’s also a fun place to connect with your peers.It’s a super fun and exciting experience for me and my friends  – Sebastian Mariscal.

Many of the teachers on campus use AVID strategies so that all student are hopefully receiving the best instruction they can receive” – Mark Fairbank

Murals from the APUSH flood the halls as you walk into Ms Logan’s classroom filled with 30 students on whiteboards going over their confusions on their homework while hearing a joke or two in the background as the kids begin to mutually laugh at the joke Ms Logan joins in on the laughter and reminds the class to stay on task while still laughing at the previous joke.

“The Club in Essence makes you a better student and a better collaborator with your peers Come Join Avid”- Dylan J. Fiel

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