In the United States, we have gun laws. Each state individually has their own gun laws. For example, in California, it is required to go through a safety course or obtain certification for a hunter’s license and a background check in order to buy a firearm for personal use. There is also a ten (10) day waiting period as well as a thorough background check. California is one of the strictest state’s and although gun laws are important, there is a lot of controversy around firearms. Recently, I have been surveying students around the school about their opinions on background checks and firearms. Following is a summary on my findings of their opinions:

  • 90.7% of Students agreed that background checks are important.
  • 4.7% of Students said that background checks are not important.
  • 4.7% of Students do not have an opinion one way or another.

Through the course of my research, I interviewed Tom Banish, Winemaker for Black Hand Cellars, who has a history that spans over forty years in recreational hunting. Tom said, “I feel strongly that firearms and the ability to own them is important. At the same time, background checks should be a mandatory regulation that should be enforced. In addition, every time you go to purchase a firearm, another background check should be processed. If we are law abiding citizens, we should be able to purchase, obtain and operate our firearms in a safe environment according to the Law.”

Each state has different gun regulations. Some firearms  are put on sale as “multiple sale.” “The “multiple sale” is a sale when two or more guns is sold to the firearm purchaser within 5 business days.” – from smartgunlaws


  • 22% of handguns were recovered as a weapon in crimes and were purchased during the “multiple sale.”
  • 69% of Americans support politics that limit the amount of guns per purchase.


I have also interviewed Emily Olsen, a freshman at Paso Robles High School. She’s an experienced hunter and agrees that “the most safety we have, the better.” Olsen says, “To keep everyone safer, I think if a firearm was used properly they should have the ability, and the right to keep the firearm. But, there are people that will miss use the firearm, and they could ruin it for everyone else.”


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