Water polo bearcats at PRHS are working hard to survive in the rough environment that is student athleticism. By knowing what it is like to have to work hard to just keep up with others, they are building valuable life skills. Every week day, the team practices at the municipal pool, preparing for the tough games and tournaments that lay ahead. Recently, they played against the top team in the water polo league in California, Righetti High School. Although they had a big challenge ahead of them, they never wavered. They broke the Paso High JV scoring record against Righetti HS. Their determination, chemistry, and work as a team led them to this amazing feat. Their coach, Ryan Askew lead them to this point, with his inspiration and push to hard work. Every practice, and every game he has and is keeping this entire team up in spirits. If it weren’t for coach Askew’s amazing work, this team would not be what it is and will be today. As the water polo season comes to an end, all of the team is excitedly anticipating what will come of next year. Whether it be new faces, or a brand new record, next year is an optimistic one for our PRHS water polo bearcat team.

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