Campus security at Paso Robles High school is different from other schools because they have gates and security. They have other things at Paso High than other schools do but Paso High is closed campus because there are a lot of entries to Paso High so at lunch they can leave to get lunch. They also have safety rules that some other schools do not have because some schools are open campus and some other schools are closed campus. But not only that but it is also important that kids in schools need to be safe at all costs. This is a saying that there have been a lot of school shootings to the point where kids need to feel safe at school.

So, therefor schools with an open campus need to be careful with stranger walking into the school without permission and can be very dangerous for people who do not know the person. I feel that schools would be much better if they took care of their school and banned things that kids in High school can sneak in. Then this is where the security has to do there job of taking care of our school and making sure that our school is safe from harm or danger. Another thing about this is that schools should have metal detectors to be safe so kids won’t sneak in illegal things. As my brother “Jorge Verduzco” said, The Paso Robles High School did not have gates when he attended Paso High.

He also said himself “When I attended this school there were no problems with safety”. But now Paso High has gates to keep us safe because of recent tragedies at other schools. But not only that they also have problems with kids sneaking inappropriate things to school without permission. Another quote that my brother said was that “Kids need to be searched 1 time a day at school to make sure they dont have anything if they have been previously caught”. I responded to him saying that he has a point because it would be smart to search someone once a day if they have been caught at least three times before to make sure that no harm is entering our school.

Not only that but school safety is a major effect on schools because of school shootings. It is a smart idea to have at least five or more security at a school for protection. Also considering that a couple years ago in Paso Robles High school they found a shootable weapon in the bushes of our school. Lucky enough our security saved us by finding the weapon and made sure we were safe to go to school. I also researched what they use and how many times they have used these things to search a school.

I have seen that they use 5.9% of dog sniffs. High Schools have 75% sworn security, Middle school has 65%, Primary has 36% and combined it is 42% have a sworn law enforcement officer. 93% of public schools reported that they were controlling access to some of their school buildings by locking or monitoring doors during school hours. There was also a report that 24% of schools reported random dog sniffs and drug checks at school.

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