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On the 23rd of May, Kiley Elizabeth Hinton was born in Tarzana, California. Around the age of four she moved to PleasentVille, Iowa, only to move back to Cali at the age of six. Christmas 2010, Kiley got her first camera from her mom. A little canon purple camera, Most of the time she would take pictures of her dog and pet rat BamBam or even try to make stop-motion videos. Later her mom needed a camera for some business so she gave her camera away to her mother. Around seventh grade Kiley began getting into art more, enjoying drawing and watercolor. During that time she also started to like Moose witch always made her happy as she thought they were such derpy looking animals that always made her smile. Now in 2016, Kiley is a freshman at Paso Robles Highschool, her friends knowing her for being very “Blonde” at times. Using her “Blondness” to her advantage she loves to make people smile and laugh, and overalls love making new friends. Not only dose she not like making friends she loves to make memories with a quick snap of a camera.


” Kiley was very fun to work with and was never a dull moment either” – Madison Homen 

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  1. Caelan Casa

    hmmm… a photography company based off of the color of one’s hair. interesting. I like it already.


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