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logoNoah Brabenec was born June 24, 2001. Noah was exposed with a camera when he was younger. His Father, Mike Brabenec, would record his kids for good memories and recorded almost everywhere the family went. When Noah was about 10 years of age, he started getting into electronics and wanting to fix things with electronics. This inspired him to want to fix new products or even make new products. When he was 10 and 1/2 he got his first iPod Touch for his birthday and loved taking photos of the most random things. When he was finally a freshman he was making videos of his scootering and touched his first actual cannon T3i. He loved the quality and tried to take photos just like the ones on the cannon with his phone. He is now a sophomore making videos and taking photos in is by far favorite 2 classes IMJ and AV3. He hopes to succeed with his scootering and his filming when he gets older.







Rule Of Thirds


Worms Eye


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