Marilyn Smith is a 16 year old at Paso Robles high. She was born and raised in Paso Robles California. She has been through a lot in her past from leaving her father to the heart breaks to now moving to a new state in a few months. She uses her photography to escape the world around her. Her mom gave her her first camera when she was nine, she began signing up for classes and just going around with her camera with her everywhere she went. Marilyn says “ you never know when you get inspired by something.” All her life she has been trying to capture her memories, her everyday life, her friends and family. During her sophomore year she took Ruckers class to have a bigger depth of knowledge. She learned different lighting situations, how to edit, and angles of taking photos.  Marilyn takes picture of a long range of things from nature to her friends. Marilyn thinks that everyone has a story to tell and they need to be captured and remembered.

The people you hangout with are the people that make you who you are dont forget them

Love Can Last a Lifetime.












The little things mean a lot.





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