Sierra Berezay, 14, is a freshman at Paso Robles High School.  She is the oldest out of two kids in her family. Her athletic family enjoys going on hikes, traveling, and playing games outside. Sierra and her family also enjoy to hang out with family friends and go see movies at home or in a movie theater. Sierra has played many sports her her life but her favorite sport is volleyball.  Sierra played for the Freshman Volleyball team and is looking forward to next years season. Sierra and her sister are great sister/best friends even though they do get in fight, they still manage to like each other. She  enjoys going outside with her sister to play soccer, volleyball, and many other games. Sierra enjoys to go outside and take pictures of gorgeous views or pretty plants. Sierra also enjoys to take pictures of scenery while traveling, so she can remember where she has been and look back on them when she gets older. She already knew a little bit about photography but she has learned much more about taking pictures with a camera than she did before, thanks to her Into to Journalism and Multimedia class.  She can’t wait what she can do next.

“Sierra is a great photographer and I can’t wait to see what she can do with her work in the future.” Stated Mariyah Barker

“Sierra tries hard in her work, and doesn’t stop persevering.” Says Grace Anderson

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