Sem 1 Final Project

Sem I Final Project

1. WRITTEN FINAL: You will have a formal, objective test via Google Forms on Tuesday, December 19th. Notebooks are allowed.


Professional Photographer, Designer, or Journalist Web Ad

Include in a WordPress Post (Directions):

1. Company Name (20 pts)

2. Bio / 3rd person – 200 words (20 pts) Include:

A. A brief introduction of yourself and personal values

B. Your skills specializing in [photography, design, or journalism]

C. An invitation to connect with the viewer professionally

3. Company Logo (designed in Illustrator, exported, & inserted into post) (20 pts)

4. Album: 3+ Portraits edited (optimized to 750 px x 400 @ 300) (30 pts)

5. Testimonials (1 from IMJ you have worked with, 1 fictionalized) (10 pts)

6. Categories: IMJ 17-18, IMJ Period x, Sem 1 Final Project

Submit the URL of your post to gClassroom below by the deadline: 12/19/2017.

Check out other POST OPTIONS available in WordPress here!

In your notebook, explore company names and sketch your logo. Also list elements and sketch possible layouts you’d like for your company.

Comparison to Paso Professional Sites

  1. Ashley Blake Photography
  2. Tim Wagner
  3. Katie DiSimone
  4. Rachel Bausch
  5. Heather Nguyen

Comparison to other IMJers:

  1. Ysabel Wulfing
  2. Hayden Terry
  3. Emily Olsen
  4. Loretta Burke
  5. Sadie Sisk
  6. Daniel Meehan