Cassidie Banish- Photo taken by Emily Olsen

cb-photography-logo     CB photography is a company owned by Cassidie Banish. Cassidie is a student at Paso Robles High School. She has been fascinated with taking pictures ever since she was in grade school. “Photography expresses emotions that words can’t” said Cassidie.  Any type of portrait or landscape,  you name it, she will take it! Cassidie wants to meet all your standards and make all of her clients happy. She wants everyone to enjoy their photos. Also, Cassidie always wants the family to get in on the fun! She wants family members to have a wonderful time and enjoy the modeling experience and time together. CB photography concentrates on the theme of the photos, lighting, colors, mood, tone, and background. Every photo is 1,000 words, every photo is different. Each photo ever taken, all have different moods for example happy or sad. The background can define as a theme, it sets the mood to which the picture is taken. Lighting is also very important to a beautiful portrait, if you want a shadow, or not it depends on what your interests are. Lighting shows characteristics in the photo and sets a tone. Colors in a photo can match the background, or the model could stand out. The color has to look good with the background, setting, and even theme.

“Cassidie Banish is 14 years old. She’s a great photographer, she makes you feel comfortable. She keeps everything positive when your in the moment of catching a picture. She catches the funniest expressions and the photo shoot will be an uplifting experience. Plus, my pictures came out fabulous.”   – Emily Olsen

“Cassidie is an awesome photographer! She makes you feel very comfortable when your family are the models. She has your family get in and for them to enjoy in on the fun. My family’s photos turned of fantastic!”  -Elena Fitz




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