Cloud Nine photography was founded in 2015 by Angelo Marziello.  Angelo Marziello has been doing photography for many years now, he has been taking pictures for weddings, sporting events family photos, scenery shots  and much more. He does mostly everything. Marziello has been flying by the competition with his creative mindset of finding the perfect photo.  Not only does Angelo Marziello take amazing photos, but on top of that he also does amazing edits of the photos he takes. He will edit your photo the way you like or the way he thinks is best. Marziello has entered in four photo competitions and won first place in two of them. Every one that Marziello takes pictures for always is pleased. Paso Robles High School student Diane Martinez says ” Angelo Marziello is a great photographer he took amazing photos of me and edited them beautifully, I was very pleased withe the work he did.” Marziello has been exceeding everyone’s expectations, he is the young rising star. If you are interested in Cloud Nine Photography the fastest way to get in contact with me is by E-mail If you would like to see some of his work just go on PRHS media and you can see all the work he’s done.                                                                                                                                                                                

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