For students at PRHS school starts early every morning, but what if getting up early isn’t good for our education? Being awake and ready for class isn’t always the case for a lot of the students at PRHS. Students fall asleep in class almost everyday because they “had too much homework the night before” and didn’t get enough sleep.

 Some studies have shown that teenagers brains aren’t ready to learn until 9 AM, doctors at the Academy of Sleep Medicine say “When high-school students are allowed to wake up later in the morning, they’ll be more focused during the day, more alert during school and less likely to be late to (or absent from) school.” Rilyn Mcnerlin a freshman at PRHS says “Most days I don’t want to do work because I’m so tired from cheer practice and homework.”

 But, a later start could also be harmful to students, starting school at a later time would mean students wouldn’t be out of school until around 3:30 or 4:00, which means the school would have to reschedule bus routes and sport practices. The AASM statement also acknowledges that shifting school start times won’t solve all of teenagers’ sleep problems. “Parents should also encourage a regular sleep-wake schedule, and children should avoid sleep-disrupting electronic devices before bed or during the night.”

 Some students at PRHS have offered their insight on the matter. Mandilyn Cusimano a varsity cheerleader at PRHS says “if we get out of school later it will mess up my whole schedule, I don’t just do school cheer I also do competitive cheer in San Luis and if school got out later it would make getting to practice harder for me.” Mandi is at cheer practice until around 10 PM every night “I get home really late and then I have to shower and do homework, I don’t get to sleep until around 2 AM.”

 Shifting school start times could be both beneficial and harmful to students education, sleeping in could make students more aware for the day, but without regular sleep-wake schedule it may not solve any problems. Although students love to sleep in a later start may not be helpful to the students at PRHS.

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