Have you ever wanted to be in an underground club then get invited to CPR club and then you will know what it is like to be part of an underground club.If you love games and underground secret things then you should like the club.To get in it is invite only the club is very hush hush about the meetings it has to get in be friends with one of the founding members. The club is a great way for kids to be able to learn about video games-Grant Komm. This club was started Because we wanted a way to have fun at lunch and just a way to goof off in school and just to hang out with friends-Omar Mcpherson Ready for more if not stop reading but this is important. The sounds of this club are simple 3 to 4 high schoolers playing on a nintendo wii that was provided by the president of the club. It looks like a little club where you have students studying and then you see it a wii set up to the projector and a tower of games that has the sensor attached on top of a back pack looking like it is structurally unstable like it will fall at enie second.  Nothing has happened before this is the clubs first year of existence. The next step is to hopefully get more kids in the club to bring other games and more robots for the council. This is a club that will forever become a fun and interesting club hope it will continue Mr.Crole.

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