Avery is a 14-year-old student at Paso Robles High School. She was born in Louisiana on January 21, 2002. Avery grew up in St. Helena, CA, and moved to Paso Robles when she was ten. She has always had an interest in photography, and that pushed her to sign up for her school’s into to multimedia journalism class: taught by Mr. Mount. In this class, she was given the opportunity to pursue her interest in photography. She learned how to guide a model, manage a camera, and edit photos. This student tries her best to continue to learn more in this class so she can advance her journalism skills. Avery practices photography through taking pictures of nature, her three cats, and the people that she knows. This photographer hopes to continue to grow her photography skill. Avery founded Creative Captures: a company dedicated to capturing irreplaceable moments. Photography is a skill that is infinitely irreplaceable. Creative Captures uses that skill to make everyday moments into amazing photos.






“Avery was a very cooperative photographer, she really knows the right lighting and angles. She was very sweet and supportive to work with. I would definitely recommend working with her.” -Madison Homen

“It was great to work with this photographer.” -A happy customer

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