Step-by-step iPhone video editing using Splice 

welcome to Splice, this will be our universal Iphone editing app for Crimson video projects. It is important that our staff stay consistent and uniform in our publications so for iphone video editing, you can download this free app in your app store. Splice was chosen because it is very easy to use, interactive, gives you full editing abilities, and FREE! You can either scroll through this step by step screenshot and caption post or click on the video above for a how-to tutorial of Splice made with the app itself!


1. First, you will start by either clicking on the + icon at the top right corner, or clicking “start new project” in the center of the page.











2. Now, to select your media, you can either scroll through your camera roll, or you can click on the drop down arrow to reveal your albums (peep that AP student camera roll).










3. Then select your media by clicking on your videos you’d like to import. You will notice the weird little icons in the bottom right hand corner of each video, these are kind of like key frames. If you click on them, you can drag it through your video timeline and select “key frames” which are just favorite parts of the video. By clicking on these and adding some throughout that specific video will create 5 second little clips of that portion. This part is completely option, i personally find this feature to be useless; but if you come to like it, all power to you.









4. Click “add” and you will be directed to a music page. Here you can click the category you’d like, and then preview each song by clicking the play button. Once you’ve made your decision, click the song. You can also click “skip” in the top right hand corner and not important any music. But the only reason you should be doing this is  if you’d like to select your music later on! ( please, for the love of video, add some sort of background music/noise)









5. Now, this is your project settings. Please titles your video, your format should be landscape always (if your posting to Instagram just hit the icon of the two little arrows in the bottom left corner of the video). You can just keep your background color as black because you won’t be seeing it, your default transition is the transition that will automatically go between each video. No matter what this setting is, you can always change each individual transition within your project later on. Transition duration can also be changed in the project so you can just leave it at 1 second and change it later if need be depending on how it looks with your specific footage, the same goes for photo duration. your outro and Photo Motion should both be off.








6. Then, hit done and it will take you to the actual editing of your video. If you switch over to the “Audio” section you can add music and record a voice over.










7. Also, if you switch back over to the “Video” section, you can click on each video/photo to either edit, duplicate, or delete. And if you’d like to change their order, simply press and hold on the video/photo and drag throughout your sequence to it’s desired spot. Also, when you click on your video/photo, you’ll notice two + icons popping up on either side of the clip, these allow you to add other media from your camera roll in front or behind that video/photo by clicking on them.









8. This is the transitions, by clicking on these individually, you can select a specific transition into your next clip. By doing it this way, it will ONLY change the one you clicked on










9. Once you’ve finished and everything looks good when you preview it, then click the export icon in the top right corner











10. select “more”











11. Now, you can either save it to your camera roll, or email it to yourself to access on our computer and do what you’d like with it from there











12. You’ve put too much work in for it to be terrible resolution! Save this step when you have a good WIFI connection, some battery, and some time because we export at 1080p which does take the longest but is 10000% worth it!

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