Being inclined to print and web journalism, Crimson Newsmagazine and it’s team sets to distribute and advertise the peak’s and valley’s of the PRHS campus in a sincere and unbiased matter. The intention’s of this club is to maintain a steady and balanced exchange of idea’s. Each individual corresponds to a certain issue in the club. Jeff Mount has stated that “Content is constantly changing”. The Crimson Newsmagazine club provides us with information that guides us towards the things we’ve so easily blind sided. “We love to spread the news of positive and negative things and spread them in an honest and unbiased way”- Hayley Lacy. Each concept and the information that is put into the Crimson Newsmagazine is different. Although they are different, they all initiate in truthfulness and uprightness. “Crimson Newsmagazine is the foundation that tries to establish the honesty and what goes on” says, Emma Corippo. Crimson Newsmagazine is all inclusive and widely known around Paso Robles High School. Bearing in mind that Crimson Newsmagazine uses video, audio, and cameras. The club is all your preference base or whatever suits you. Crimson Newsmagazine won first place for best of show website in Seattle. Things to look forward in the future would have to be the new stories that will be created by fellow peers in the club. “Focus on what captures [you] the most”, said Jeff Mount.

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