Jake Darlington was born in Salinas, California on April 4th, 2001 a few months before 9/11.  After moving from Tulare in 2009 to Paso Robles, Jake went to Bearcat High where he found an interest in photography. Jake took the elective of Multi-media Journalism in his freshman year  taught by Mr. Mount. Mr. Mount taught Jake on how a photographer needs to connect to the client. On how to make them feel like human beings and not just a person in front of camera. Mr. Mount taught Jake that if he can do that he can get great pictures from the person he is taking photos of and that if the client is happy he may hire you again and tell his friends. Mr. Mount also taught Jake different photo positions, lighting, and how to edit photos in Photoshop. During High School Jake had an obsession of wolfs. On how they can pay attention to the tiniest of details to catch prey. With this Jake used the instincts of a wolf to pay attention to the tiniest to get better results of his pictures. After graduation Jake founded “The Wolf’s Captures”. Where he focus on five aspects of taking pictures. Love, Happiness, Memories, Fairness, and Until Death.

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