The campus security at Paso Robles High School is a contentious conversation. The campus security at PRHS is often compared to other schools. This is because other schools are often “Open Campus” meaning that students can come and go as they want. Since PRHS is a closed campus, students feel like they are confined to a certain area and don’t have much freedom. Considering the fact that there has been a few accounts of crime near or at PRHS, it might not be such a bad idea.

Just this last year, a Paso Robles Police Department officer has been assigned as a resource officer at PRHS. This year, PRHS enacted a “Zero Tolerance” policy for fighting in school. The upside of a closed campus is students are more protected from outside threats like crime. However, students in a closed campus are often less happy than students in an open campus, this is because they are free to go outside of school. There is also a bad side to this as-well.

Such as students being exposed to crime and life threatening scenarios, although, that would be rare. They are also free to do whatever they want, which, from an administration view, that is not ideal. Another aspect about a closed campus is kids don’t feel very free or have rights at school. A student, Julian Gonzales says,”I don’t think ditching and the closed campus is a problem at PRHS, considering there is other problems occurring daily”. Another senior, Cory Kessler, states,”I’ve seen worse than ditching at this school, but i still think that it’s a problem” Considering these quotes, ditching is not as big a concern as they make it to be, but is it still a danger to the students ditching?

It may not pose a danger to staff and other students, but the danger to the ditchers? It’s been proven across the nation that ditching students are susceptible to danger outside school, on May 26th, 2016, ABC7NY posted an article about the crackdown of truancy in Rockaway Beach, Queens, ever since a student drowned after skipping school. As ABC7NY stated,”This ramped up truancy crackdown comes after firefighters rushed into the surf to save 19-year-old Rudra Gurung who police say skipped classes at Newtown High School on the first 90-degree day.” this is evidence that ditching is a danger to outside threats, like drowning in this case. So overall, while ditching is not a very big concern to individual students not ditching, it is a very high danger for those ditching.

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