Drama Club Sprints Ahead to Benefit Students

By Elliot Hochheiser

Joining Drama Club three weeks into the first month of school, Orion Bohannon is a Freshman at Paso Robles High School. his first year here at Paso, so his excitement with fitting in so well with an extensive group of people on such short notice is nothing short of impressive. Drama Club is a useful program because of the constant engagement enjoyed by students preparing to fit into that role of being a stage performer or crew member. It is a learning experience that can benefit public speaking, technical handiness and coordination. While performers are focused on stage acting and improv, the stage crew ensures that lighting and other technical functions in the performance are carried out and timed appropriately. This kind of commitment can be scary for many teenagers. But for others, it could prove an inspiring opportunity to be part of a team and hang out with like-minded individuals.

Clearly, the Drama Club is a big group on campus and approximately 40 people show up to each meeting. Similarly, larger events draw in 70 people who are registered with the club but not quite as involved. When it comes to the day-to-day activities of the club, Bohannon says, “We will talk about what’s coming up in sports and someone famous in theatre or set-design. Though skits and improv are important, going to the club is also an opportunity to socialize and discuss everything from Hugh Jackman to Broadway Musicals.

It is increasingly important to be able to communicate and articulate with others despite the information overload present in our society. This makes Drama Club an excellent example of a group people can join to learn vital communication skills. It’s not a boring business conference or classroom; it’s a secular, lively, breathing environment. The application written by students and approved by the school says as following, “Our mission is to educate students about the traditional and modern aspects of theatre, as well as informing them of real performances and opportunities.” (“ASB Clubs and Organizations”)

This fits well with everything that has been said because ever since the club was founded in 2015 it has grown into a force to be reckoned with. If not the most popular club at school, it is certainly among the most densely populated and active. The space inside the classroom of Room 505 is probably one of the most cramped spots on campus. People sit on the ground or stand ambling from place to place, the seating used up as the classroom bustles with kids, all of them brought here to chat or perform small skits. What drives this activity? According to Hannah, who said not to use her last name, it is due to the kindness and openness of the kids there. She said, “The kids there are very fun to hang around with and nobody is left out.”

No matter the background, knowledge or experience you have in theatre there’s always something for you at Drama Club.


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