Directed by Mrs. Marcy Goodnow, the high school drama organization at Paso High allows teenagers to participate in theatrical affairs around the county. “We’re giving them opportunities to see what’s going on in our community; how they can get involved,” Goodnow explains.

By giving high schoolers more chances to take part in community events, the students can be better-prepared for public appearances as they get older, in the eyes of this club. Goodnow elaborates: “It’s just, you know, connecting age ranges from beginning to advanced, and also connecting the people who don’t have the class.”

Furthermore, the club gives PRHS students a chance to have a good time during lunch, according to members. “It’s a great club to have for some people who can’t fit drama into their schedule to still come every Friday, still having a fun time listening to music and doing some improv,” the president, Cassidy LeClair, tells me.

This club also gives high schoolers who can’t fit the drama class itself, as one of two electives, into their schedule a chance to try out some acting activities. In the drama club, the sound of cheerful chatter across the room lends it a comfortable atmosphere, and a friendly, comfortable aura pervades the room. “Approximately 25 to 30” students are active members of the drama club, LeClair estimates.

The club seems is apparently well-liked in town, as well. LeClair guesses that the drama group sells between 250 and 260 tickets for each production. Since the drama class and club produce 3 shows each year, the two end up selling nearly 800 tickets annually.

In the future, the club hopes to gather as many members as they can to produce the best-quality shows, and all students are welcome to join. “I like changing people’s minds from thinking it’s just something that’s fun to something they could see themselves doing forever,” Goodnow remarks with a thoughtful smile.

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