Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Connecting with Christ and Each Other

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), is a place where, “You learn what walking with God is like…” Explains Kiah Williams the Vice President of the club. Cade England, the President, follows with,“ Our Club is basically a small youth group and we usually talk about Christianity but we welcome all religion…” FCA meets every Thursday at lunch in room 102 where they serve pizza, plays games, and learn about Christ.

About 40-50 people attend the club each week and find it beneficial to their personal growth. FCA has been around for about 7 years and PRHS has one of the biggest meetings on the Central Coast according to the FCA coordinator.How do people feel after a meeting? Many people said they felt connected with the Spirit, not as stressed from a long week, and happy. Who doesnt want that?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has impacted many people’s lives in a positive way. Some people may be more shy and scared to try a new club so if you would like to try out FCA here’s what you can expect. When you enter the club it’s normally very crowded. There is a line for pizza and there are seats for you and your friends to sit. A speaker will usually come up and share their testimony after a game is played. It all ends with a prayer that makes you feel at peace.

At one of the meetings an amazing speaker came in, his name was Chad Story. He shared a beautiful heart warming testimony about losing the majority of his eye. He really showed the audience that no matter how rough a situation may be to trust in God. All of us that day left with a touched soul. It definitely helped us have a good mind set for the rest of the day and week. Kiah Williams says, “I feel like people can walk away knowing they have somewhere to go on the weekend and at least knowing who God is and grow in their knowledge of him. They have a place they will always be welcome.”

Tori Pugh, an 11th grader, tried out the club. Here is her take on it. “I’m in a youth group and I heard heard it was a great club and I was an athlete so I figured I should go and try it and it was a blast!”Sarah Farrer, a Senior, says that the benefits of going to the club are, “…You get a good sense of Jesus and who he is and better yet you get to hear people’s  first hand testimonies on what Jesus has done in their life personally. “

“In the future I see FCA being very successful. Also Kiah and I are looking forward to a new leader for FCA next year but with all the teachers and pastors we have so much support and we’re going to get it done.” Says England.If you’re  interested in this club please don’t hesitate in coming and trying it out. As the saying goes, “You don’t have to be a Christian and you don’t have to be an athlete, we just want a fellowship with you.”

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