Nadine’s Journalism and Photography Company, NJP, travels around the world to capture your stories. Misunderstandings and arrogance are seen to often in the sight of differences. This company’s mission is to expose the humanity in spite of prejudice and enlightenment ignorance. Her company captures weddings, funerals, poverty, wealth,  peace and war. This shows how all life is more closely related than disconnected. Her company saw how the internet has the ability to educate and connect, taking advantage of this, NJP was created. NJP Company lets photos tell the personal stories behind them, to be seen around the world. While we capture the highs and lows in life we take away labels and boxes to find the beauty across the globe. Nadine’s company takes pictures of couples, families, and friends. Her company brings out their subject’s spunk and personality. NJP maintains to write the context of their picture’s event, time, location, and people. As well as the stories struggle, strive, love, and laughter. This company finds the best lighting, angles, and times of true emotion to capture life’s authenticity. They pay attention to authentic smiles, times of grief and genuine joy to seek a picture worth a thousand words.


Sara Owens:

Working with Nadine was very fun and professional. She told me exactly what to do and was very precise on what she wanted. Plus it was fun to be working with my best friends! 

Grace Jang:

Nadine was good at picking scenery, and she made me feel more comfortable in front of the camera. She also was good at planning out what she wanted her pictures to look like. I had fun, and Nadine captured my personality in the photos.

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