Anderson Long is 14 and a freshmen at Paso Robles High School. He has a family of 7. His family consists of his mom, his dad, his three sisters, and finally his older brother. His dad is a Col. in the U.S. Army. Also him and his family goes to church every Sunday. Sometimes after church Anderson he really likes taking pictures of the trees, leaves, and his dog. He also believes that photos can help people understand whats going on in the world around them. He also likes editing photos to make them how he feels other people would relate to the photos he took. While editing photos he can make them warm and cool. Making the photo warm makes the photo pop more and makes people feel better on the inside. Also making the photo cool can make sometimes make people sad on the inside. Anderson is actually pretty good at taking photos. His favorite type of picture to take is landscape. Next I asked John Wallace how he likes Fire Photography and he said “Anderson’s photos are very focused on the subject. He edits fast but efficiently.” Finally I asked Jefferey how he liked Fire Photography and he said “I like the photos because they are very focused and the editing is good. I would like to buy a few photos when I have the chance. Overall the photos are very good.” If you like Anderson’s landscape photos you should definitely go to his website at His photos contain pictures of the trees outside, and the leaves on the ground. The photos for sale are no more than fifty-dollars. That’s why fire photography is the best photography.

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