Here at Funeral Home Productions, we take good quality  pictures of you deceased loved ones at a good price that mostly anyone could afford. Don’t stress if you think we’re going to charge you an extra $20 for a big coffin, no only $10 extra, what a good price! If you passed loved one wanted a custom made coffin we only charge an extra $6, but if you want us to make it, it will cost you an arm and a leg. We also do cremation just encase no one wants to walk around their house with dead people every where. Here at Funeral Home Productions we also have specials on 3 days only. Those 3 days are Monday,Thursday, and Sunday.The Monday special is peaceful Monday,where we put flowers all around the body our anything else that is peaceful. Our Thursday special is Veteran day. This special is for Veterans only who want to have their medals,ribbons, or badges in the casket to be remembered well. Sunday is our everything day, it’s like a normal shoot but every thing is 5% off. So come on down to Funeral Home Productions on Vine street were will make you deceased loved one have the best day of the non-existing life.

Company is owned by Cameron Nicholson.

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