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In the heart of the image.

glass ceiling was not just a name given to a company comprised of skilled photographers, but more of a promise to preserve memories of clients, and to portray them in only the best light. no less was ever part of the original plan. we specialize in the process of the capture, to bring in excellent tones and soft exposures, intricate details and bokeh that, when combined, creates the ultimate image.

the start was not a fast one. our founder, caelan casa, had started taking elegant pictures when he was 8 years old. he started by taking close-ups of floral backdrops, messing with brightness and saturation, until his design eye was satisfied. that expanded, when he was able to buy devices capable of high-resolution image processing, and it became an everyday habit. he entered a handful of photos into the mid-state fair, a small contest in the middle of his home town, paso robles. the first time he came at 5th, but gradually, over two years, made his way to first. it wasn’t a vain rise to power, not too loud or too quiet. he received kudos from local photographers and kept going.

when he had reached high school, he immediately joined the introductory to multimedia journalism class, which was easy to get into, since he loved writing and capturing photos. the moment he held a camera in his hands- that was when things really accelerated. he then formed a small business of photography, which brought in high demand, before leaving the company to a friend while he went to a university, soon to get a Phd in the literary arts.

-Asger Wolff, CEO of Glass Ceiling photography company

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    • Caelan Casa

      really think so? heh, this was a pre-approved layout from my journalism teacher. I added a couple things like the ability to rate my work, and a couple of surprises came out of that.

    • Caelan Casa

      Thanks. I personally put a lot of effort into my captures.

  1. jim graciano

    who’s the model? can I use him for a photoshoot?


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