Claudia is an exchange student from Spain, and she goes to Paso Robles High School. Claudia is a lively person; one of her favorite things is to travel. She loves to take pictures of every country she visits, especially of: streets, monuments, buildings…  And this year she is not only visiting a new country but also living in one; so, what a better opportunity to take pictures.

From a young age, Claudia has been fascinated with the impact of photography. Claudia has learned a lot thanks to intro to multimedia class, and it also motivates her.

Claudia has always taken photos, but she is new to writing. She is very good at finding the angle in the photos; she also likes to make different styles in the pictures so each one of them has something special.

Feel free to contact Claudia; she will make sure to format the photos in any way you like and also edit them with your style.




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