Guns and gun violence, religion and video games. These topics have been surrounded by controversy by the news for many years. Recently Guns and gun safety has been extremely prominent in the news due to a large number of gun homicides and school shootings according to  there have been 1300 school shootings since 1970 and unlike what the media might not tell you 915 of these were committed with a handgun, not an automatic assault weapon and last year only 56 people were killed. Yes it’s sad that these people died. And we should have a few more gun laws like better background checks. But there are some things the media might not tell you like any discharge of a firearm is considered a school shooting so a suicide is considered a school shooting. When it comes to the media and its coverage of shootings they generally have the name of the shooter were he/she lives there social media profile and there past crimes. And a comparison to similar crimes the media might also might get a few comments from the victims families and not the shooters side of the story i’m not saying that shooting up the school is ok i’m just saying that we should have both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions. And when people think about shootings some or most of them don’t think about the fact that guns don’t kill the people its the people that do a gun cannot shoot itself its not possible an effective way to stop gun violence. That would be to invoke harsher punishments upon people who do kill others not just life in prison but maybe the death penalty would be better that way it can send a message to any future shooters saying this is what you get if you scenically kill people.  But in the case of a teen shooter we should show some from or compassion and send them to a mental health facility and help reintegrate them into society.




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