Hi my name is Hayden and I’m 14 years old I became a Photographer because I was enrolled in a class called Introduction to Multimedia Journalism. The first time I ever started taking photos I was probably eight when my older sister taught me how to take photos for her. In my free time I do swimming to stay in shape and I love snorkeling so it helps me build up my endurance. I enjoy going to the beach with family or friends. One of my favorite things to do is travel around the world I’ve been to Mexico and Costa Rica. They are both different from California and are very beautiful. I did lots of things there like even zip lining in both places. In Mexico I got to hold and feed a spider monkey out of my own hand. Also no matter where you went the food was always homemade and good. The only thing I wish I brought to Mexico was a good camera to take photos there. However when I went to Costa Rica my family bought a GoPro a week before leaving for our trip. I took lots of photos and videos dunning the trip. Im excited and looking forward to learning more about Photography.

“Hayden is a great photographer and older brother.” says Sage

“You do an amazing job at capturing the moment you set out for when taking portrait photos for your Photography Class.” says Kayla

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