Cheyanne Holliday is a passionate, inspired, positive young lady who has been practicing photography since the sixth grade. She has always been told that she has a natural talent or “eye” for photography. That inspired her to learn more about what she was doing. She decided to call her company “Cheyanne Marie Photography.” She spends her time going to school, photographing, being with friends and family, doing makeup, and trying to inspire others. She really enjoys taking portraits and close-ups of anything really. She loves taking pictures that make people feel confident. If they don’t feel good about themselves, she wants to change that. Recently she has become much better at photography because she has been learning more in-depth settings. She has also been taking more portraits. Cheyanne believes that you can always learn more, especially with practice. Cheyanne invites you to contact her through her email ( if you have any questions or are interested in doing a photo-shoot. She would love to talk with you in person. -Cheyanne Marie Photography


Quotes from happy customers:

Cheyanne Holliday is a hard working girl who loves photography. She is always happy to help and does an excellent job fulfilling what you ask. Her work is beautiful and when you see it you’ll smile instantly.

– Ava Brabenec

Cheyanne is a marvelous photographer who gets inspired by people often. When working with her, you can feel the passion radiating off of her like waking up to the smell of bacon. She has such a fun, positive energy. I cherished my time with her; the pictures she took were breathtaking. – Martin Kelly


This is Cheyanne Holliday

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