“My favorite memory would probably be when I went snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor for the first time with my dad. We had a pretty good time and I did really good and learned a lot. During that time there was a thing going on in the town called Winter Fest and they have music, food, people selling art and other cool things. There’s a jump type thing where people would compete kinda by doing tricks on their boards or skis. We usually went at night since we’d snowboard all day. There were really cool fire pit type things that people made. There were also ice sculptures that were really amazing that people made too. One year we went to go watch the band Filter. The last day that we were there we went to Winter Fest we went during the day time and there were people racing their dirt bikes. We’d order pizza and sometimes go to this restaurant that was really cool and on the last day we would go to the candy store and get a bunch of different stuff. It makes me sad sometimes though because we don’t get along anymore.

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