There was never a dull moment. Madison was a great photographer, she was easy to cooperate with.


Rule of thirds


jazz hands for photography

Madison Homen was born on May 17, 2002 in Templeton, California. Before she was born everybody thought she was going to be a boy, but no she turned out to be a girl. When Madison was born her parents knew that she was going to love sports, they we absolutely right. When Madison turned 4 she started softball and joined a little league team. She loved it so much that she kept playing for 11 years and is still playing it to this day. She also plays other sports, like Golf, which she played varsity her first year, she plays volleyball, and basketball. Madison has always loved photography, it has always been a hobby and passion of hers. She hopes that photography will come into play with her sports and also the other way around. Madison actually met a friend that she didn’t know would become hr best friend and her name is also Madison but she calls her Howie. Madison loves animals very much and hopes to be a veteranarian when she is


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