Homework on Health ~ (Jonah Carmon)

In this article I am going to cover a very important topic that, not only will have an impact on you but future generations as well. This is a topic regarding a leading cause of death in the nation’s children, this is the topic of homework.

Homework has been a topic that parents, teachers and students alike have been disputing for a long time. And a question that always comes up is how much homework is too much homework? Societies view on this changes and flip flops according to outside factors but, there has never been a set number on how much homework students should have. The most accepted amount of time to do homework is found by multiplying 10 by the grade you are in to find the number of minutes you should do homework(National Education Association and the National Parent-Teacher Association). The problem is that with parents and students wanting to get into good colleges, University acceptance has become equivalent to a lot of homework, but things don’t correlate like that. Students and teachers need to work together and find the minimum amount of homework needed for the maximum results. This will not only free up students time to focus on things that help them destress naturally, but also improve what you get from studying because you only learn that students has become a great tool to help them get ahead, but like all tools it can be misused and through constant misuse it can become dangerous to your health and well being. This is why the way teachers assign homework must be perfected.



Through my research I found that homework is not so much a time problem but an effectiveness one. This is not with all departments, but with a few who don’t know how to assign correctly “I feel that (the Math and science departments) way (of assigning homework) is very efficient but I feel like English teachers and some in (departments) like that assign not very efficiently.” -Jake Higgenbottom, this could be because math and science teachers have plans and know exactly how much homework they need. but I don’t feel that every department gets this type of focus on homework. Math teachers have calendars and books telling them exactly how much homework to assign, but with a more complex subject like english; things can’t be taught the same way every time.  Another problem with homework is that it can sometimes be extremely difficult and hard, “ I feel like when teachers assign too much homework it just overwhelms students, and it doesn’t like necessarily make them feel like they are learning”- Emily Yeras. This is the biggest concern with homework. It can tend to overwhelm students thus making them lose interest in learning and can make them fall behind or stop trying. This is a hard thing to fix because the difficulty of homework is relative, for one student homework may be the hardest thing they have done, but for another it could be as easy as a walk in the park. The personalization of homework would be a hard thing to do, but  the reward from it would greater than a generic homework assignment could be. Although this seems impossible now I feel that with time homework can be worked into a science of its own where each student test and the computer can tell them what they need to practice and how much they need. This could help solve problems for everyone and can bring homework into the modern world. “Online assignments would be very unique and helpful because it’s not a paper that you have to remember or that you could lose, its online so you’ll always have it because online doesn’t disappear”-Jake Higgenbottom, I feel that in time homework will become much more efficient but till now we can still look into its biggest flaws to find solutions today.



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