The Founder of I.P.R Industries Santiago Alapizco is a charismatic,fun loving,hardworking person.He always tries to best to make people laugh and have a good time even in spite of a upcoming deadline.However he knows when it is time to stop joking around and get some work done.He is experienced in Most adobe products,Blender,and Unity.He values loyalty,honesty and handwork in  individuals.He always tries to help anyone who is struggling with their work and will lend a helping hand to them or explain the work.He also has a bit of experience using a  Cannon T50i camera.He has always tried to have fun while simultaneously getting work done and meeting deadlines.He is ready for anything that you throw at him,He is ready for whatever job you have for him and he personally invites you to challenge him and give him a job.Here is a quote from Hunter a fellow Classmate of His”Santi is hardworking,funny,Dude he always tries his best to help everyone and it help more students pass the class with more ease.”Richard Benly an associate says that “Santiago Alapizco I would say that he is good worker and an intelligent person he can also help you with designing items.”











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