Hockey at PRHS

Over the years many sports have come to the light. Football, soccer, tennis, cheer, golf and many more, but what about hockey? Many students at PRHS are involved in some type of sport but there are some students that the sports here just aren’t really interested.What about hockey though, it could be the sport that could interest many students that aren’t doing  a sport. Like according to English freshman teacher and football coach,Matthew Carroll,”I think the benefits is you have another option for students to participate and that extra curricular activity”.


For those who don’t really know a lot about hockey here’s a little background.Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent’s net to score points. Ice hockey teams usually consist of six players each: one goaltender, and five players who skate up and down the ice trying to take the puck and score a goal against the opposing team.


In a survey of 120 students 97 students said there should be a hockey team. Forty-six of those students were females and 51 were male. And 26 said there shouldn’t be a team. Forty-three students said that they would participate in this sport and 33 voted no to participating in hockey. Is hockey to dangerous, will 32 students said no and 29 said yes. In this survey it was only freshman students voted and also was only 4 classes. There’s still many many freshman who didn’t vote and then there’s also still the Sophomore, junior and seniors to ask.

What are the benefits?

Many actually, but here are just a 3.

1:There would be another sport that students can participate and enjoy.”It would give students another  area where students can compete in, maybe if they don’t like volleyball or swimming”, says  teacher Mcroy. Soccer, basketball, tennis, football and other sports may not be for everyone and if hockey does become a sport here students have another chance, opportunity and choice to be in a sport if they want to.

2: Also it can help students educationally like freshman teacher peer communication and football coach,Matthew Carroll stated,”I think the benefits is you have another option for students to participate and that extra curricular activity”. As well as freshman Algebra math teacher Goodin said,”  I am a big believer in being involved in positive extracurricular activities such as a sport or VAPA .It would provide another opportunity for students,staff, and the community to have something to get involved in, that could be positive and beneficial to those student-athletes that choose to play”.

3:It could also boost them individually in confidence and who knows maybe hockey could be the sport that many or some students will get really interested in. Also in Paso Robles there are many teenagers that get bored majority of the time. So instead of being on there phones or any electronic device or being bored they can skate it on the ice and practice for competitive terms.

But what about the risk will more than 20,000 children 5-14 of age were treated in hospital emergency rooms for ice hockey-related injuries. But like any sport you may end up injured like Matthew Carroll said,”It’s a rough sport but I think that you can say the same thing about basketball you can take a elbow at the face and it can be just as bad  as taking a hit in hockey or football”.Like any other sports I think it’s just as dangerous at it is a student playing basketball with his best friend after school”.

 Would students participate will in a survey 43 students said they would and those students were only freshman there’s still the possibility that sophomore,junior and seniors would also participate.











“I think there should be a hockey team here

 but I wouldn’t play in this sport”,says fresh

man soccer player student Victor Ramos.



“I think there should be a hockey team at

PRHS and no I would not participate but

I know others would”, said freshman basket

ball player Natalie Ribera.

Freshman Soccer player Robert








“I think there should be a hockey team at                                                    

PRHS  and no I would not participate  but                             

I would definitely go watch”, said freshman                                 

soccer player Robert Jimenez.                                                                                


“I would puck up and play some hockey bro”, said  sophomore student Ryan G.

What about the cost?

All new – $500$1000 depending on what sales you find.

New and Used – $300$500.

Mostly all used – $200$300








Interview on Mr.Mcroy

-At what age did you started playing hockey?

 “Oh my first involvement with hockey was when I was in the fifth grade  and  my father was in the air force and he was stationed over sea and my mom is from a place called Neukerland in Canada so instead of going over to the Philippians where my dad got stationed we went to Newphen land so I had to start school in fifth grade there and that was my first introduction to hockey”.

-Why did/do enjoy hockey?

 “If you’re playing hockey on ice skates there’s a sense of speed and freedom. Paired with  extreme athletic ability and there’s also a grit to it, you have to really be strong, stronged willed, it’s a physical game it’s what I would call it a two way game so you’re on offense and instantly have to go to defense so you’re playing two ways. And it’s such a fast game that’s why I enjoyed it”.

-Do you think PRHS should make a hockey team and make it a sport

  “Ice would be really cool but I played a lot of ice hockey as an adult and prior to that we had an ice rink here not last year but the year before for a couple of years so in Atascadero and that was blast it wasn’t regulation size but it was a blast to have and go play. By having an ice rink is very expensive so to have a team you would have to travel to either like Fresno to go to play or the other closes one is in I think the North end in the thousand Oaks area so either way the closes one is to the Fresno  one so I used to be able to leave my house and get in Skate and play hockey in about an hour and 45 minutes drive there go play for an hour or two hours and then drive back get home about 11 o’clock at night try to wined down and go to sleep and go back to work so but what I would love to see an ice hockey team I don’t think it’s very practical economically roller hockey absolutely”.

If hockey does become a sport here would you coach if one was needed?

   “It’s possible yes”.

-What benefits did you see out of hockey?

   “Benefits will like I said it’s a difficult game so again ice hockey five skaters aside and  roller skates four skaters a side plus a goalie the main benefit is like I said the hard work together working as a team some of the benefits are obviously the physical part of it a mental part of it it’s a just a challenging game all around, fun to play and relying on your teammates so much so yeah it’s a great game to teach teamwork, overcoming  adversity you know maybe they scored 2 goals in a row and you still have time and you just never know  so that’s what makes a fun game”.

-And finally what benefits do you think students will see out of this if it does become a sport and they decided to participate?

  “A benefit would be again representing the high school  and just showing other schools what bearcats can do it gives another area where students can compete in maybe if they don’t like volleyball or swimming but you know roller hockey it would be another sport that they can express themselves with and give them that opportunity it gives them a chance  also to travel because I know they’ve had time to time travel teams and a sponsor team from Paso and just going out there and representing us that would  a big benefit and again the time spending with other friends is always a benefit”.




Both Matthew Carroll and Mcroy agree that  hockey can help students.   Not everyone enjoys soccer, running, softball etc, hockey could be a  new  start for some students. Other students have  also said that there should be a hockey team here and would play.






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