Jorge Magdonal is a sixteen year old  high school junior at Paso Robles High School. After high school he plans on pursuing a career in the medical field as a sports medicine doctor or a doctor for a professional team. Although he spends most of his time playing soccer, he’s always  had an interest in photography. At a young age, he loved to take pictures of himself and his parents whenever he could. As he aged he got more familiar with the camera but his Intro to Multimedia Journalism class has really built up and refined his skills in this art. In the class he’s learned new skills, like angles and symmetry, to take great pictures. Magdonal values family and friends because he believes that true friends will  eventually become family and family never leave your side. Next time you consider taking a family picture or a senior photo, drop by Illusion Photography and you won’t regret it.

“I like how he knew exactly what to do in order to achieve the best photo,not to mention he was kind and easy to work with. he shot my angles really well”- Pedro Morfin

“Beast of a photographer. 10/10 would recommend.”- satisfied customer 

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