John Wallace was born in San Jose, California in the April of the year 2000. He is seventeen years old and is a senior at Paso Robles High School. He believes in the impact of photos on people and their ability to change perspectives. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, a gallery can be, depending on the size, a short novella or an epic. He believes that photos can move people and can sometimes express what words simply can’t. John enjoys adjusting images so they can show what’s desired. Whether it’s through Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop the image can be changed for the desired effect. John is able to edit photos with different artboards on Adobe Illustrator and adjust the lighting on Adobe Photoshop. John tries edit the photo to appeal to the client and other viewers. John can make the photo seem sad, happy, cold,warm, etc. The main importance is how the client wants the photo to feel. That’s why at Imagined Images, it’s our mission to help you imagine your photos to make them a reality. So if you want photos edited to how you feel, ask for John and Imagined Images will work hard for the effects you want.

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