Impact of Agriculture on Bearcats:

By: Emily Wiebe

How many bearcats attend Agriculture classes? What skills do they learn? Are these classes recommended?

Let’s find out what the impact of agriculture has on our bearcats here at Paso Robles High School.

Starting at the source of our agriculture classes, the Ag teachers. Interviewing Mrs. Clark, Mr. Pickard, and Mrs. Gardner for information about the impact of Ag.

Teaching with plants in Floral, Adv. Floral, Ag Business, and Horticulture, Mrs. Clark is a third generation agriculture teacher, starting with her father and grandfather. She helps grow veggies and design flowers with her students, using interesting techniques in doing so. Within six courses and five class periods, she teaches a total of one hundred fifteen students.

Working and teaching in welding, Mr. Pickard uses hands-on techniques in teaching welding to his class, teaching them to be independant and creative. He teaches Ag Welding one, two, and three, teaching a total of about seventy five students.

Teaching Intro to Animal Science, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Ag government and Economy, and Ag leadership, Mrs. Gardener works with her own animals and plants at home, sharing her passion for agriculture with her class. With four courses and five classes, she teaches a total of eighty-five students.

These teachers teach many classes each day, working hard and loving what they do. They want to inspire bearcats with the choice of agriculture, giving them a possibly for a better future. They encourage students to join FFA (Future Farmers of America) to discover new views of agriculture, and those impacts can vary greatly in their lives, depending if they’re willing to work for it.

Out of an anonymous survey of twenty-eight students, twelve of which have agriculture classes, there have been some very amazing answers.

Madison Bramlette, a sophomore at PRHS who takes Welding and Ag Chemistry Soils, in particular had great, inspiring answers.

She said, “For my whole life I’ve loved animals and gardens and anything to do with Agriculture so when I got to high school I decided to take Agricultural classes. I also want to be a vet so the Agriculture classes are helping me pursue my goals of becoming a vet.

“So far in my freshmen and sophomore years I’ve taken Sustainable Ag, Floral, Ag chemistry soils and welding. All of these classes have shown me the different jobs available to me through agriculture. They have also taught me different life skills such as responsibility for my own work and how to work with others and their opinions as well as input mine. These classes have taught me how to public speak more comfortably in front of people and how to be more confident in my opinions and beliefs.

“Agriculture classes  are beneficial because they teach so many good values and basic traits we as students will use and need in the near future when we graduate. Agriculture classes provide you with a family on campus and support us as students in our endeavors so we may be successful in life and achieve the goals we have set. Along with guiding us to the career we as students want to reach and proceed in life.

“I recommend at least taking one agriculture class one of your years in high school. Whether that class be Floral, welding, mechanics, or animal science. It is so worth taking an agriculture class at least once to get that outside-of-school experience and discover new industries you might be interested in to pursue.”

Kelli Hopkins, a freshmen at PRHS who takes Floral, had some very heartening comments.

She said, “Floral is a fine art, which I needed, I wanted to join FFA, and Mrs. Clark is an awesome person to be around so of course I wanted to be in her class. Floral really is a great class for creative people.

“The most important thing I learned is to not be afraid to try something that may be out of the ordinary. When making a floral design, I’ve learned that you’ll never know that it doesn’t work out until you try it. That can be applied to almost everything.

“It is beneficial because it is a fun, mostly easy class that makes you break out of your comfort zone a bit and is easy to make friends in.

“Floral is great if you love art, are creative, or just want to try something new. It has opened my eyes to new things and helped me make great friends. Also, just to be clear, Floral Design is NOT just for girls. Anyone can do it and you can learn a lot!”

And finally, Shelby Cook, a sophomore at PRHS who takes Welding and Ag Chemistry Soils, also had some uplifting answers.

She said, “My family went to Paso High and took Ag classes and told me they loved it so when I sighed up and went to the first class I knew I was going to love it also.

“The most important thing i’ve learned is that Ag is not just about animals.

“Ag teaches us not only where our food comes from but how the soil is taken care of so we can grow crops.

“I recommend this class because you can learn so much and most people don’t have that opportunity.”

As you can see, agriculture doesn’t just cover animals, it also covers plants and flowers, welding, economy, government, business, leadership, and many others. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to discover and explore in life, leading you down new paths and opening more doors for your future. This is the Impact of Agriculture on Bearcats.

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