International Club is where students from abroad can meet local students and share their experiences and cultures together, the aim of the club is to make exchange students have fun and enjoy their time here.

The club meets at lunchtime, at Mrs.Lee’s room , where she is in command,  and other

figures such as presidents, vice president, secretary, and so on , whose job is organizing

activities to do together.

International club is free and available for each student who wants to take part into it.

Right now we are 30 members at the meetings but at the activities only 10 or 15 students

show up.

Our activities are very fun, we have already been to the football game where we had pizzas,

we went to the beach, we went to a fancy dinner, to the parade…

And we are looking forwards to new fun activities.

If you are interested to meet new people, and other cultures, you should join international

club. Where exchange students and local students get to know each other and share

experiences together.


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