Is your life feeling stressful and Unbalanced? You’re not alone

Along with our lifestyles we have a few individual components that blend in: the way we react to our lifestyles, what causes them to be the way they are, and what we are going to do to change or improve them. 65.1% of Paso Robles High School in March  said that they are in between busy and calm lifestyles. The big question is how people are dealing with what’s happening in their lives.

The way that you live will reflect your mood, productivity, etc. Grace Anderson a freshman at PRHS says that, “ When I have a lot going on I get really stressed. When I have a more balanced schedule and more time to myself then I overall feel healthier and happier.” Most people have a lot going on in their lives so when they feel overwhelmed with all that is happening it can result in a mental breakdown, procrastination, and stress. As where people with more subtle and balanced lives may feel more happy, healthy, and calm. When asked how do you deal with stress a lot of people said they  don’t. 22.2% of people said that they felt stressed an unbalanced while 13% of everyone said that they had calm lifestyles ( 234 responses from the google survey).  That right there shows us that this is a big problem. We need to find the solution.
Hailey Silveira, a freshman at PRHS is busy “seven days a week, because I have a very full plate with after school play rehearsals, acting, singing, my own life, and homework.” Although Hailey is a happy and healthy girl she, like any one else, has her breakdown moments. If Hailey has too much going on in her life, she will feel stressed and tired. Nobody wants that in there lives. Although it’s important to be doing something with yourself, you also need to take into consideration your health and the way you feel throughout your day. Enough about the problem. Now, what are we going to do about it.? Ask a friend for help. Talk to your family members. Start to slowly balance out your schedule. Most of the time when someone is feeling overwhelmed, it helps to talk about it and get somethings off of their chest. Support is a huge yes when it comes to fixing this common problem.


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