Jasmine Romero Continues to Find the Balance in her Life by Victoria Escamilla

“I’m worried about just getting through this whole thing.”

“I’ve been really stressed about a whole bunch of work, especially in balancing my social life and my school life.My friends are my number one priority and my family. Without them, I really wouldn’t be able to do all of the things that I have. I’ve been in a symphony, the San Luis Obispo Academy Youth Symphony, for three years. I’ve been working on a project for Skills USA that I didn’t finish but I tried; it was a new experience for me.It was about creating a train that had to be animated. We didn’t get to the animation part at all because we didn’t really know how to work the program,but it’s very competitive; there’s so many 2D animation people, and also like textile design and graphic design as well. Animation is something I’m interested in for my future. I don’t really know if it’s going to be financially stable for me. I’m worried about just getting through this whole thing, just getting by in school.”

All images are photographed and edited by Victoria Escamilla.

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