Crimson News Magazine is a club based organization filled with many expansions of good and bad critiques. The basic image of this club is that they are dedicated to fellow Paso High students above all. Their focus is to share the stories of students from their perspective and knowledge but, in a truthful matter. The journalists in the club strive to have maintainable ideas with a good balance.   

Every student commits to a different issuu than their peer. Jeff Mount  says, “Content is constantly changing”.The Crimson News magazine club gives out information that isn’t mainly heard about around campus. “We love to spread the news of positive and negative things and spread them in an honest and unbiased way”, stated Hayley Lacy. Every topic that goes with the stories uses different structure and detail. Yes, they may be different, but they all tell the truth with honest opinions. “Crimson News magazine is the foundation that tries to establish the honesty and what goes on”, says Emma Corippo. Crimson News magazine is well known all around campus. The club uses different equipment but they are all welcome to choose from what interests them. Crimson won first place for their website in Seattle and Valeria Cisneros received first in her photo illustration . Even though the future is unpredictable, some things to look out for would be new coming students and stories. Jeff Mounts advice is to “Focus on what captures you the most”.   

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