The leadership program of Paso Robles HIgh School, hosting a multitude of events and participating in community and school services, is a great contributor the community. Giving back to our school in the ways of work and funds, without them our school would go under.

The leadership class hosts many events throughout the year, such as homecoming, dances, red ribbon week, and many more. As the host of said events, the class plans, works, and advertises each one themselves. The class “is the backbone of the school,” says a freshmen leadership student Kasey Nguyen. Club Expo, for example, was hosted by a group–including Kasey– from the leadership program. Without the leadership program, school events such as this would be poorly hosted and the state of our community would suffer. With the program constantly inventing exciting activities, if they were to not exist, many students would no longer have fun ways to be involved with the community.

As well as host schools events, the program students participate in school and community service. Each student is expected to get at least 30 hours of community service and 30 hours of school service, creating a total of 60 hours per year. This being one way they help our community, they are also called upon– with the ASB board–  by administration and teachers to give feedback about improving and growing the school. Another way leadership collaborates with ASB is with them handling any money they raise from the events previously mentioned. “ASB operates to ensure that the money raised by the students goes back to those students.  Each year [the leadership class] collects anywhere from $40,000-60,000, which is all put back into the school for dances, assemblies, Homecoming, lunchtime activities”(Mr. Overton).

Participating in leadership guides students onto a better path, teaching them how to be better people. It educates them on how to be more responsible and how to be involved in the community. Learning these things will help them with these skills in “the real world”– once having left education and starting in a career. “I love leadership because it teaches me the qualities on how to become a better person. It teaches me to be more responsible and how to make the campus more involved,“ Grace Chamberlain replied when being asked how she liked the program. With this in mind, maybe you, too, will give thought into joining the leadership program.

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