A level gaze

A level gaze

Maeven was born and raised on a small farm in Paso Robles. She enjoys reading, watching sunsets, contemplating the world while drinking tea, and taking photos. Maeven first became interested in photography after she traveled to Alaska with her cousin one summer to visit their friends, Addie and Elsa. They live on a beautiful farm there and, to Maeven’s delight, had a professional camera. During her visit, she and her cousin got to practice taking photos of all sorts of eye-catching things on the farm, from the lively people working there to the the vividly bright vegetables that they grew to Alaska’s spectacular sunsets and snow-covered scenery.


Hello gorgeous!

When she got home, Maeven learned even more about photography in school from her fantastic Journalism teacher. She later got interested in portraits after meeting her other cousin’s new girlfriend who had taken stunning portraits of people in New York. Once Maeven put her new interest in photography into action, she found that it is more than simply catching reflected light; photography is a way to artfully stop time. Maeven loves that with cameras, she can capture people at the perfect moment so they can remember it forever. Come join her to preserve your favorite memories.

"We're pals."

We’re pals.


“Smile; happy looks good on you!” -Stephen Jerzak

“Maeven knows how to tell us to pose so that we look good, but she also listens to how we want to pose.”  -Samantha

“Great service and really captured the right moments and took beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed Maeven’s company and service!”  -Maddi




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