Bath-shua Santander is a 17 year old girl who was born in templeton,CA. Bath-shua had spent half her life living in a small town called shandon where much didn’t happen but go to school, do homework, help around the house, and parents go to work basically that’s it. Out of the blue one day that all changed  for Bath-shua. She was just starting her freshman year at shandon high school until her parents broke the news to her and her siblings that they  would be moving to Paso Robles,CA and also that she and her siblings  would be going to school there. Right there and then everything would change for Bath-shua, nothing would be the sane she wouldn’t be going to school in a small town with about 80-100 but a school with at 2,000. The move for Bath-shua was good and bad, she met kind people, she met bad people, she met people who would change her life for the better and then there were one who made life hard for her. With all those things put together it made her the person she is today, sometimes you just need a little of bad and good that’s just life putting you up for a test and hopefully-when the time comes you’re ready for it  

                                 Once life has put Bath-shua up for the test it was time for her to find what she loves the dearest which is makeup. She came to realize that she loves makeup so much when she come to school here Paso Robles. Her love for makeup grow bigger and bigger throughout the years since she’s been here that she wants to go to cosmetology school, Bath-shua once told me “that makeup isn’t just to cover up the flaws on her face but that it was more than that to me it’s art t ime”. Makeup has always been a part of Bath-shua life since she was in middle school. Bath-shua has never being raised in a  family where makeup or design was a big thing, so Bathshua  has  always  being scared to know what if she can’t make it but throughout the years Bathshua has build up strength to do what she  loves. She  is more than excited to go into the real world  and learn more about makeup and the beauty behind makeup. Design  has so much to do with everything not just makeup, design is like art you get to design it how you like it. That’s why i love design and makeup they go together so well.


” I Like how we get to meet new people in this class”


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