Players are required to come to three weeks of tryouts and be able to keep up with school. Coaches are looking for a team of 22 players that all have a positive attitude. The coaches have a three week course of tryouts and there will be three sets of cuts. The first cut will be on the thursday of the first week of tryouts the coaches are planning to cut about. “Its alot of work to come to three straight weeks of practice and keep up with your grades.”If players can show up to three weeks of tryouts and keep there grades up and all their homework thoose will be the ones that will most likely make the team.

    We are looking for 22 players that can show up to practices stay out of trouble and keep their grades up not just the best players. The players that stand out to us have a positive attitude and are dedicated to showing up. The players need to show us that they want to play and not impress us with how good they are but how dedicated they are. JV coach Steve Mihelic says “ I expect anyone trying out to show up to conditioning and show us what you are best at if you are really good at one thing such as slide tackling let us see that because we want to know what you do best and if slide tackling is what you are good and we we are looking for that talent on the soccer team you will have a better chance of fitting on our team.””Next year i hope that i have enough skills to be on the team” says player that tried out Samuel Zepeda.

   If I were trying out for the team it might be hard because of all the kids getting cut.Some really good players that tried out last year got cut because they didn’t show up to the tryouts or conditioning.We hope to have a good team and keep playing good.“We wish the best for the kids who tryout and who make the team and those who don’t better luck next year,” says Sergio Richkarday.

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