At Marshalls Photography you can buy or sell cameras, buy film, and get your photos professionally taken by yours truly. We sell vintage and newer cameras all at low prices. Vintage cameras are a high price with film as well.

Marley Marshall was born in Hawaii, but moved to Paso Robles at a very young age. She started to gain interest in film and photography around the age 14 so she thought she might be able to have a career with it. With help from friends and family she saved up the money to start her career. She specializes in portrait photography sometimes taking pictures of animals and babies she more specialize with adults or teens. She attended Paso Robles High School with flying colors. She decided that during her time in collage is when she would try and build her career. After graduating collage she began her career of being a photographer. She collects vintage cameras and film for them and sells them. She’s always had a thing for older cameras and thought maybe others will too.Her business keeps growing each day with more and more people coming in each day.  She hopes the future is as bright as it is now.


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